GoHealth Securities Litigation



1. To recover as a Member of the Class based on your claims in the action entitled In re GoHealth, Inc. Securities Litigation, No. 1:20-cv-05593 (the “Litigation”), you must complete and digitally sign this Proof of Claim and Release form (“Proof of Claim” or “Claim Form”). If you fail to file a properly addressed Proof of Claim, your claim may be rejected and you may be precluded from any recovery from the Settlement Fund created in connection with the proposed Settlement of the Litigation.

2. Submission of this Proof of Claim, however, does not ensure that you will share in the proceeds of the Settlement of the Litigation.

3. YOU MUST SUBMIT ONLINE YOUR COMPLETED AND DIGITALLY SIGNED PROOF OF CLAIM, ACCOMPANIED BY COPIES OF THE DOCUMENTS REQUESTED HEREIN, ON OR BEFORE JUNE 12, 2024. If you are NOT a Member of the Class, as defined in the Notice of Pendency and Proposed Settlement of Class Action (“Notice”), or if you have submitted a request for exclusion, DO NOT submit a Proof of Claim.

4. If you are a Member of the Class, you are bound by the terms of any judgment entered in the Litigation, WHETHER OR NOT YOU SUBMIT A PROOF OF CLAIM.

5. It is important that you completely read and understand the Notice that accompanied this Proof of Claim, including the Plan of Allocation of the Net Settlement Fund set forth in the Notice. The Notice describes the proposed Settlement, how Class Members are affected by the Settlement, and the manner in which the Net Settlement Fund will be distributed if the Settlement and Plan of Allocation are approved by the Court. The Notice also contains the definitions of many of the defined terms (which are indicated by initial capital letters) used in this Proof of Claim. By digitally signing and submitting this Proof of Claim, you will be certifying that you have read and that you understand the Notice, including the terms of the releases described and provided herein.

6. The distribution of the Net Settlement Fund will be governed by the Plan of Allocation set forth in the Notice, if it is approved by the Court, or by such other plan of allocation as the Court approves.


1. If you purchased or acquired GoHealth Class A common stock and held the certificate(s) in your name, you are the beneficial owner as well as the record holder. If, however, the certificate(s) were registered in the name of a third party, such as a brokerage firm or other nominee, you are the beneficial owner, and the third party is the record holder.

2. You are a Class Member if you purchased or acquired GoHealth Class A common stock between July 14, 2020, and January 10, 2021, inclusive (the “Class Period”). Excluded from the Class are: Defendants, the current and former officers and directors and affiliates of Defendants from July 14, 2020, through present, members of the immediate families and the legal representatives, heirs, successors, or assigns of any such excluded Person, and any entity in which Defendants have or had a controlling interest, provided, however, that any “Investment Vehicle,” as defined in the Stipulation, shall not be excluded from the Class. Also excluded from the Class are those Persons who timely and validly request exclusion from the Class pursuant to the Notice.

3. Use Part I of this form entitled “Claimant Identification” to identify each holder of record (“nominee”), if different from the beneficial owner of such GoHealth Class A common stock that forms the basis of this claim. THIS CLAIM MUST BE FILED BY THE ACTUAL BENEFICIAL OWNER(S), OR A PERSON AUTHORIZED TO ACT ON BEHALF OF SUCH OWNER(S), OF SUCH GOHEALTH CLASS A COMMON STOCK UPON WHICH THIS CLAIM IS BASED. Separate Proofs of Claim should be submitted for each separate legal entity (for example, a claim by joint owners should not include the transactions of just one of the joint owners, and an individual should not submit one claim that combines his or her IRA transactions with transactions made solely in the individual’s name). Conversely, a combined Proof of Claim should be submitted on behalf of each legal entity (including an individual) that includes all transactions made by the entity, no matter how many separate accounts that entity has (for example, a corporation/individual with multiple brokerage accounts should include all transactions made in GoHealth Class A common stock during the Class Period on one Proof of Claim, no matter in how many accounts the transactions were made).

4. All joint owners (or a Person authorized to act on the owner’s behalf) must digitally sign this Claim Form. Executors, administrators, guardians, conservators, trustees, or others authorized to act on behalf of a beneficial owner, must complete and digitally sign this Claim Form on behalf of Persons represented by them and their authority must accompany this Claim Form and their titles or capacities must be stated. The Social Security (or Taxpayer Identification) Number and telephone number of the beneficial owner may be used in verifying the claim. Failure to provide the foregoing information could delay verification of your claim or result in rejection of the claim.


1. Use Part II of this form entitled “Schedule of Transactions in GoHealth Class A Common Stock” to supply all required details of your transaction(s) in GoHealth Class A common stock.

2. On the schedules, provide all of the requested information with respect to all of your purchases/acquisitions and all of your sales of GoHealth Class A common stock that took place at any time between July 14, 2020, and January 10, 2021, inclusive, whether such transactions resulted in a profit or a loss. You must also provide all of the requested information with respect to all of the shares of GoHealth Class A common stock you held at the close of trading on September 21, 2020, and January 10, 2021. Failure to report all such transactions may result in the rejection of your claim.

3. List each transaction separately and in chronological order, by trade date, beginning with the earliest. You must accurately provide the month, day, and year of each transaction you list.

4. The date of covering a “short sale” is deemed to be the date of purchase of GoHealth Class A common stock. The date of a “short sale” is deemed to be the date of the sale of GoHealth Class A common stock. A purchase or sale of GoHealth Class A common stock shall be deemed to have occurred on the “contract” or “trade” date as opposed to the “settlement” or “payment” date; please provide any “contract” or “trade” dates in your claim.

5. Broker confirmations or other documentation of your transactions in GoHealth Class A common stock should be attached to your claim. Failure to provide this documentation could delay verification of your claim or result in rejection of your claim.

6. The above requests are designed to provide the minimum amount of information necessary to process the most simple claims. The Claims Administrator may request additional information as required to efficiently and reliably calculate your losses. In some cases where the Claims Administrator cannot perform the calculation accurately or at a reasonable cost to the Class with the information provided, the Claims Administrator may condition acceptance of the claim upon the production of additional information and/or the hiring of an accounting expert at the claimant’s cost.

7. If the Court approves the Settlement, payments to eligible Authorized Claimants pursuant to the Plan of Allocation (or such other plan of allocation as the Court approves) will be made after any appeals are resolved, and after the completion of all claims processing. The claims processing will take substantial time to complete fully and fairly. Please be patient.

PLEASE NOTE: As set forth in the Plan of Allocation, each Authorized Claimant shall receive his, her, or its pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund. If the prorated payment to any Authorized Claimant calculates to less than $10.00, it will not be included in the calculation and no distribution will be made to that Authorized Claimant.

NOTICE REGARDING ELECTRONIC FILES: Certain claimants with large numbers of transactions may request, or may be requested, to submit information regarding their transactions in electronic files. This is different from the online submission process available here. If you have a large number of transactions and wish to file your claim electronically, you must view those forms and requirements on the tab titled Institutional Electronic Filing. No electronic files will be considered to have been properly submitted unless the Claims Administrator issues to the claimant a written acknowledgement of receipt and acceptance of electronically submitted data. If you do not receive such an email within 10 days of your submission, you should contact the electronic filing department at info@GoHealthSecuritiesLitigation.com to inquire about your file and confirm it was received.

NOTICE REGARDING ONLINE FILING: You will receive an acknowledgement page with your claim number immediately upon receipt of submitting your Claim Form. Please retain a copy of this confirmation as this is the only copy you will receive.